Dangers Of Plastic Waste

Who can get out of plastic? This is the result of the best technology of the human child. But unexpectedly there are many great dangers behind it. In everyday life, it is undeniable that we always use plastic raw materials and end up in the garbage. One of the dangers you can find by visiting https://www.kompasiana.com/arnoldasyeradoe/5a2581b959b1302f586bf842/bebaskan-laut-nusantara-dari-sampah-plastik.

Did you know that people in America and Europe use 100kg / year plastic? While in Asia on average each person uses 20kg / year plastic. This amount of usage applies to one person per year! Can be imagined if multiplied by the entire population. Terrible! Where do tens of tons, hundreds of tons of plastic waste that?

Plastic garbage on the ground also has a danger because the plastic waste is difficult to be able to blend with the soil. As a result, if the plastic waste is not managed properly and not put in place, then this plastic waste can be a major cause of floods.