Benefits of Using Solar Power

The Sun, Water, and Air are energy provided by nature and are infinite. For that, we should take advantage of what is provided by this nature with as optimal as possible, one way that is creating a house with solar electricity. Can you use solar electricity in your homes? Yes, you can, why not? Expensive? Yes, it may be expensive in the beginning but it will be very efficient and environmentally friendly. To know more about solar power system, you can visit our website.

Here are some benefits of using a solar power plant in your home:

– Save Electricity Costs For Long Term

Electricity is one important element in human life, you need electricity not for one or two years, but for life.

– No Special Care Required

This method of solar power is not only fuel efficient because it does not require fuel, it is also very practical because it does not require special care that requires a lot of costs.

– Modular

This solar power plant is modular, which means it does not require the operator to regulate energy. In addition, the electrical capacity to be generated can be tailored to your needs.

– Light and Flexible

Tools for the solar power plant is easy to install because it is light and does not require heavy equipment. You can even move it at any time if needed.

– Avoid From Light Outages

Well, the blackout is not a critical thing or very serious. However, at certain times, where you have to pursue deadline that awaited client suddenly happened blackout due to repair or other disturbance. How do you feel? Annoyed, is not it? By using a solar power plant, you will not experience the incident.

Here are some things you need to know before creating a solar power plant:

– Calculate Electricity Requirement

You can see the number of kilo watt per hour or kWh you need in your monthly electricity bill, from which you can identify approximately how many kWh of power do you need each day.

– How long does it take

For example, your electricity needs 200 watts per hour, then the time you use about 12 hours. So all your load power consumption in one heart is 2,400 kWH, generated from the need for electricity that is 200 watts multiplied by 12 hours usage time.

– Calculating Battery For Power Supply

With the above assumption example, the total power load needed per day is 2,400 watts, you can add an inverter to convert DC current into AC. Why change? Since the majority of electronic devices use AC current or alternating current rather than DC current or direct current.

By adding an inverter, then you have added about 20 percent of the electrical energy to support the 2,400 watts of power you need in a day. This inverter is another device outside the solar panel.