Do This If Your Cell Phone Is Low Bat!

The needs of the public toward the mobile phones are currently practically high. This is one reason why a person becomes very panicky when the cell phone batteries run out or better known as the term low bat. That’s why some people will do various ways to keep his mobile phone battery is not exhausted abruptly.

One of the ways for mobile phones not to run out of batteries while outside the home is to bring power bank. Another way is to look for cell phone charging stations that you can find everywhere, for example at an event or festival. Well, if you are currently would like to hold an event then it will be better if you provide cell phone charging station for the convenience of visitors. You can directly visit the veloxity website at for more information about phone charging station rentals for events.

In spite of that, running out of battery power is the most common problem among gadget users like mobile phones or smartphone. But now there is a unique way to charge your battery without using a charger! Innovations called Hand Charging. It has no power limit like power bank in general. This product can also be used even though there is no electricity at all because it utilizes body temperature as a power booster. Therefore, here are the steps that you can take!

First of all, you have to prepare a number of items such as two metal coins, one paperclip, a USB cable and a piece of paper.
Then connect or plug in the USB cable that has been prepared earlier on the phone you want to fill the power. After you plug it in, you can see that your phone is not charging at all.
After that, insert the smaller end of the paper clip into the USB connector.
Then, place a piece of paper on the sidelines of the coin, above the paper clip to make a capacitor plate.
Next, place another coin on the bottom of the USB touching the shell.
After doing all the above rules, then your phone will start charging.
The electrical power of your body is charging the capacitor with your finger, which in turn will also charge your phone.