Watch Your Child If They Are Playing With These Three Toys

Children do need toys for them to play and can help their development. Many toys that can be used as an effective learning tool for children. Parents should provide toys appropriate to the child’s needs at a certain age. Safe toys are also the choice of parents so as not to harm their children. One of the safest and non-harmful toys is the bouncy castles limerick. The toy does not have a pointy angle that clearly will not harm the child when hit.

In addition, there are some toys that turned out to be harmful to the child’s organs, especially the eyes. Some of these toys you should look for because it can harm the eyes of children.

1. Water Pistol
Children who have not understood the safe distance to fire water inside the gun may be firing from close range. This will be very dangerous if exposed to the eyes of his friend.

2. Sword
Toys in the form of a sword usually have a rather hard material and can be harmful if exposed to the eyes of children because the tip of the toy is pointy.

3. Fishing Rod
There is a toy in the shape of a fishing pole, the toy with this shape will harm the child because it has a hanging tip.