What is Oncology Consultation?

If the general practitioner suspects you have cancer after making a diagnosis based on perceived symptoms, you may be referred to a cancer specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. At this stage, you must understand that the process of diagnosing the type of cancer accurately, how severe cancer has spread in your body and the best treatment options will require more than one cancer specialist. One that you can visit is fortis hospital bangalore.

The general practitioner and the cancer specialist will likely be your primary doctor. You can also be treated by several other specialist doctors, such as a specialist radiation cancer specialist or cancer specialist who has special expertise in dealing with cancer in certain body parts. Therefore, it is possible that you should undergo several oncology consultations with different specialists during your treatment period. The purpose of this consultation is to gather all the information needed to accurately diagnose your condition. The cancer specialist will also explain your situation and answer your questions.

If the general practitioner refers you to a cancer specialist for consultation, the cancer specialist will check your medical history even if your general practitioner has done this. The cancer specialist will make sure you know all the information about your condition, so if you have any questions, make sure you ask for it and understand the explanation from the doctor.

This consultation is recommended for patients suspected of getting cancer. Diagnosing cancer will require a long process. Cancer specialists should know the overall picture of the patient’s condition to get an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment option. In order to do this, a cancer specialist will collect all the information, including the symptoms you are experiencing. Prior to the consultation, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your symptoms, when you first noticed them, medications you have taken, and other information that can help your doctor diagnose your condition. Because you are the person who best understands your body. The accuracy of the diagnosis given by the doctor will depend on the information you provide as much as possible.