Want to Look Super Sexy? Do These Easy Movement to Get the Violin Hip Shape!

If you want to find a solution for a permanent body shape violin, working out can be the most powerful and fast way to achieve this one body goal. At least, you have to give more effort to shape your body in order to appear more flattery, you can visit implementsupplement.com or try the following movements are very good for forming muscles in your hips. Here is the review!

Side Leg Lifts
Lie sideways on the mat with your left foot on your right foot.
Make your right arm a pedestal for the head and left the hand on the waist.
Gently lift your left leg up to form a large V-letter. Lower your legs and repeat for up to eight counts. Change position and do the same for the right foot.
If you want more challenges, you can tie the weights on your ankle to make it harder.
This one sport can help shape the hips because it focuses on the hip and leg muscles.

Stand with leg position parallel to shoulder.
Then lower your body down until your thighs form a straight horizontal line and parallel to the floor. Make sure your back is in an upright position and do not bow.
After that, slowly stand up and return to the starting position.
Repeat this squats movement at least 2 x 8 every day for maximum results.
This movement will train the thigh and hip muscles so as to provide the ideal shape on the bottom of your body. Bonus, this exercise is also very good to tighten and enlarge your butt. So, this exercise is perfect for you who want to shape the body.