Suspend of Google Adwords Case that should be Watch!

There are many lists of Google Adwords policies that advertisers are required to adhere to, one of the sometimes unacknowledged violations of Adwords policy is that sites that host Google Adwords landing pages contain non-compliant content.

Be careful if you want to advertise on Adwords, pay attention to sites that made a landing page, make sure in it there is not any content that violates Google Adwords policy. Therefore choose Craigslist Ad Posting Service as a trusted media to help you advertise your products or services on the internet. Regardless, the following Adwords policy violations are related to site content!

1. Misleading claims
Make sure that the site you are advertising does not contain words with phrases that mislead claims of users as follows:

a. Fast rich content
b. Overly promising deals or sudden rich schemes
c. Specific Claims

If there are content as above, then your Adwords ad can be confirmed will be suspended and cannot run because the content is not in accordance with the Adwords policy for user safety issues.

2. There is a Testimony Content without a disclaimer
Some online business sites do not often include testimonials from their customers, these testimonials are usually presented to convince the visitors of the site to be interested in becoming a customer.

But you should be careful when you include testimonials from customers on landing page site Google Adwords because otherwise your site can be penalized from Google Adwords, so as not to be a cause of penalty make sure every testimony include a disclaimer.