Understanding of Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance that serves to overcome health risks. This health insurance west palm beach will cover all or part of the costs required if the participant or health insurance customer becomes ill, including if the illness is caused by an accident. But surely many of you who already know that the benefits gained by participants of health insurance are not free. If there is no help from the workplace or the government then the health insurance participants are required to pay the premium. The amount of health insurance premiums may vary, depending on many things, such as the level of risk borne and administrative. How much health insurance premium to be paid by the customer will also be determined by the insurance company.

Health insurance can be obtained in various types of insurance companies, such as social insurance companies, life insurance companies, or health insurance can also we can in general insurance companies. Health insurance can be divided into several types based on the type of fund management, maintenance, the participation of members, the insured, a number of funds borne and the way of replacement. Based on the type of treatment, health insurance can be divided into two types, namely inpatient, and outpatient. While based on the fund manager, in health insurance there are 2 parties, namely private and government.

Based on the participation of members, in health insurance can be done on a voluntary basis and obligations. Meanwhile, if viewed based on a number of funds borne, health insurance can be divided into two types namely that all costs borne by insurance companies and insurance companies bear only high costs, so the costs are not too large will not be borne. In health insurance, the borne can also be divided into two types, namely groups and individuals. Insurance companies can provide health protection to individual individuals as long as they are Indonesian citizens. In addition, insurance can also be given in groups. For example given to a company, organization or can also be given to a family, with a general requirement in the group must have at least five people.

Whereas if it is based on the way of replacement, health insurance can be done in 2 ways, namely the submission of compensation by way of customers pay the entire treatment in advance, newly replaced by the insurance company and the filing of compensation using health insurance member card.