Looking To Know The Facts Of Recharging Cell Phone Batteries

Plugging a mobile phone into a charger before bedtime is a common practice for many people, possibly including you. Can this cause “overload” or damage the battery? The answer is no. Today’s mobile phones are “smart” enough to break the current automatically when the battery is fully charged, even if it is still connected to the charger. Currently, there is another unique way to recharge your phone battery and keep your phone safe, ie using cell phone charging lockers. Its shape resembles a multilevel locker with indicator lights that are blue when the locker is empty and red when the locker is used. This tool is perfect for use at certain events, or you can buy it and put it in the family room so that your family members can recharge the battery without the need to fight for the outlet.

Many people charge the phone battery up to 100 percent before starting to use it. This is wrong because there is no benefit whatsoever to be gained from it. In fact, the phone battery is actually working optimally when the capacity is in the number 40 percent to 80 percent. The battery of most phones is also filled half full from the factory so you can directly use it once removed from the packaging.

Have you ever heard of “turning off the phone can damage the battery” and “do not use the phone while in charge”? Is that true? The battery in the phone will not be damaged if the device is turned off. Indeed, the battery capacity gradually decreases when the device is shut down and stored for a long time, but this is normal and does not need to worry about. You can also turn off and remove the battery (if possible) without worrying. Nothing wrong also turn off the phone a while to “rest” device. The reboot process afterward can even solve some problems related to battery function.

And using the phone while it is connected to the charger will not adversely affect the battery. Either used or not, the phone battery will be charged as it should. Moreover, mobile phones often activate themselves while in-charge, for example, to download software updates via Wi-Fi or data synchronization. So, do not be afraid to use the phone while it is charged.