Help with payday loans debt consolidation -Can you consolidate payday loans?


Can you consolidate payday loans? 

Banks providing consolidation loans enable combining such financial obligations as loans and cash loans, installments, mortgages or debits on a card or a savings and settlement account. No banking institution (PaydayLoan-Consolidation) offers consolidation of payday loans. You should then look for support in private companies. Here are some of them that provide this kind of solution.

Consolidation of payday loans is possible only in the non-banking sector

It offers financial services for over ten years. In addition to consolidation loans, mortgage products, cash loans also addressed to entrepreneurs may also be proposed. In order to be able to combine the non-bank loans taken into one loan, all you have to do is contact the company by filling out the simple form available on the website.

Consolidation of payday loans at Salazar

  • the maximum loan amount is PLN 150,000
  • the loan period is 120 months
  • the credit decision is made within a few minutes
  • high loan granting
  • minimum of formalities

At Salazar, you can get a payday obligation also without earnings certificates and income confirmation.


The company is known primarily for offering non-bank loans with long-term repayment. The second product of Adriane is consolidation loans for repayment of payday loans. To apply for them you must complete the online registration form. A representative of the company will contact the borrower by telephone shortly after receiving it

A consolidation loan in Hubbard

  • a chance to get up to PLN 40,000 to pay off other financial liabilities
  • the time to pay the loan is a maximum of 48 months
  • APY = 53.48%
  • the opportunity to apply for a loan online or through a company agent

Gonzales Finance

The Gonzales Finance company with headquarters in Warsaw provides loans for both individuals and entrepreneurs. The payday loan is one of the many products that it offers. It is also addressed to debtors who have difficulty repaying non-bank loans at the appointed time. It does not require collateral or pledges.

Consolidation loan in Gonzales Finanse

  • the loan amount even reaches PLN 300,000
  • the loan period is from 3 months to 15 years
  • maximum APRC = 8.68%
  • acceptance of various sources of income
  • offer for customers with a delay in the refund of amounts entered into BIK

To apply for a consolidation loan, fill out the form on the website. A financial intermediary will contact a potential client and help in choosing the optimal offer.

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