Differences Between a Participative Loan and a Traditional One

Entrepreneurs who have viable business projects with prospects for future consolidation are the main destination of the so-called participatory loans, a financing formula that is halfway between the money that a private investor contributes to the social capital, for example a business angel or a venture capital entity, and the traditional long-term bank loan. The […]

The Bank Loan: What it Means and How this Tool Works

Unexpected expenses, urgencies: it may happen that you have to draw from your account more frequently. It therefore happens to have to have a certain additional sum, to be able to make ends meet in peace. The bank credit can be the solution as an alternative to personal loans : this is what it is […]

A Loan to Save with Solar Panels

The support of a personal loan can be essential to save money. It may seem like a contradiction, but if you think of solar panels, the question takes on a new light. The installation of solar panels and the integration (or replacement) of the electrical system of our home represent a considerable expense. Yet, immediately, […]

Personal Loans. What Factors to Evaluate Before Requesting them

Lawyer and journalist, Massimiliano Dona is Secretary General of the National Consumers Union , the first Italian consumer protection association. For his commitment to consumers, he was awarded in 2013 the honorific Commendatore to the merit of the Italian Republic. He is a member of the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU) at the […]